Jan 12 - 2017,The margin between President Nana Akufo-Addo and former president John Mahama in the 2016 elections now stands at 984,570 votes...." ..

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Source: Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie -  I have read a lot of history of Tribal Wars in Ghana and the Nigerian Biafran war, and know people don't change. I have been observing the determined faces and brawny muscles of both NDC and NPP supporters and strongly believe they are poised to confront each other at the least pretext. The NDC politicians wrongfully think...
they can bully and intimidate the people, especially NPP supporters but it's certainly not this time of serious economic hardship. A hungry mob is an angry mob, and war is no respecter of persons due to its unpredictable and amorphous nature! It could be sudden and widespread depending on its remote and immediate factors. The best is to avoid and preserve the prevailing peace.

Since the end of the Election Petition in late 2013, NPP and various civil organisations have pleaded with President John Mahama to allow a NEW VOTERS REGISTER for free, fair and peaceful elections on the 7th of December 2016 as stipulated in the Ghana Constitution. However these pleas appear to have fallen on deaf ears of the corrupt and mischievous NDC Career Politicians, emboldened by political power.

Now to add insult to injury, President John Mahama has defied counsel and reasoned advise to appoint a Nigerian girl as Electoral Commissioner of Ghana. This lady, called Charlotte Kesson-Smith (Osei) is one of these fake 419 Nigerian certificate holders who are not really intelligent and can easily be put to shame by our genuine intelligent women scholars. This Nigerian woman fits into the scheme of things of the NDC government because she worships money and will do anything to get it. She does not need to do anything as the Electoral Commission is remote controlled by this crooked and corrupt NDC from its Headquarters manned by power loving Asiedu Nketiah, Portuphy and the greedy Ahwois. She might not care about our protests, falsely thinking she is the only Jaguda.

The trouble looming is very huge as evident by the Video attached herein below, where ordinary people in Northern Ghana attacked NDC government official's car until they fled like antelope. People are wild but dull minded Mahama and his gang think they can use the bias and unprofessional Security services to bully and intimidate Ghanaians. It won't work because whenever there is civil order the military personnel always capitulate or get run over by the determined people, as seen in the Arab Spring and Ivory Coast troubles. NDC gangs like Azorka, militia, commandoes, foot soldiers or the corrupt Police will be mincemeat. Bet me and google the causes of any war, and read the Course of it to see whether it follows any order.

Mahama is bent on covering up his loot by defying public opinion to change the old register they have tampered with in such extensive manner. They have also deleted 200,000 names from the Asante Register. And there might be more in other regions when the Validation begins. We are in April 2016. Mahama has already began his campaign. An NDC MP was recorded saying they will never change the old heavily manipulated register for a new one in order to avoid certain loss. Otherwise why can't he allow a New Voters Register when they loudly boast that they can win the elections. After all what is political power or who was born to rule forever.

We cannot even see this Nigeria-born Electoral Commissioner to ask her questions nor does she meet the Press as Afari Gyan used to do a lot; instead, a military battalion protects her 24 hours and thus dangerously inaccessible as a trump card of NDC. We don't even know whether her Mother truly died last month in Anambran State. She wants bribe or blood money in exchange of throwing the elections in the favour of ndc but they will be resisted by ordinary Ghanaians in manner unknown in our political history.

Why are ndc politicians publicly saying there will be no new voters register when Ghana does not belong to them? When are they going to open the register for validation? When are they going to register persons who were 14 to 17 years at the eve of 2012 Elections? What about us who badly want to register anew? Remember, it was the same Register that was used by ndc to share their monies and bribery goods to the Electorate. It was the same register used in ndc Primaries, where their parliamentary candidates openly complained that their names were deleted from the Register.

The world always watch aloof whiles these things are planned and executed by bad and corrupt governments to cause disorder in our country before they intervene, but prevention is better than cure.

Civil wars are always caused by greedy,inefficient and moronic leaders such as Dramani Mahama and Laurent Gbagbo. Instead of changing the voters register President Mahama rather threatened us that we must know that ndc came out of revolution and capable of committing violence. What a laugh'! I personally welcome this challenge as a victim of the revolution seeking my revenge of people I can easily identify. And there are many of such fearless people monitoring the situation underground. Nana Akuffo Addo cannot continue to successfully restrain us. We shall shock these NDC bullies. No one wins a civil of tribal war!

A word to a wise is enough. Give us the New Voters Register for free transparent elections rather than this cloak and dagger games. Beware, all of you in ndc. Ordinary Ghanaians are children of the same tribesmen who fought each other in the tribal wars of Ghana. We are watching the movement of this Nigerian from Nnewi in Biafran Anambra State in South East Nigeria. This wilful unintelligent Nigerian can not cause problems here and go Scot free to enjoy her booty in Nigeria nor can this NDC President and his compatriots deny us our inalienable right to vote in secret, fair, free and peaceful elections.

God bless Ghana and have a good time here whiles I seek to unburden my own cross of CRB/DBS/MPS.

Only a NEW Voters Register can help avoid an unnecessary civil war in the coming elections, Mr Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur. Adieu!



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