Jan 12 - 2017,The margin between President Nana Akufo-Addo and former president John Mahama in the 2016 elections now stands at 984,570 votes...." ..

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Source: Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie  - Undoubtedly, the appointment of his fellow tribesman by the corrupt President is to serve one major purpose - to print money for the 2016 Elections, with its certain devastating consequences for the battered economy of Ghana.
Oh Ghana politics of tribalism...It's sickening as explained by this genius

Nii Amu Darko writes:

John Mahama – A New Low in Ethno-Regional Politics

The ink had barely dried on my latest post on ‘’if you do good’’ before President John Mahama made probably the most perverse appointment in Ghana’s democratic history – Dr. Nasiru Issahaku as the new Governor of Bank of Ghana. Kofi Wampah, the previous Governor surprisingly retired last week.
Dr. Nasiru Issahaku (NI) was then the 2nd Deputy Governor. Mr. Millison Narh (MN), the 1st Deputy Governor was made to act until his junior was appointed by the President. Per relevant experience and qualification, MN is far ahead of NI. NI main card is that he comes from the right ethno-regional group in Ghana today.
Mr. President, you have done the wrong thing. You have failed the nation by succumbing to ethno-regional forces from the geographical North (gN) to appoint one of the sons of the North as the new Governor of BoG.

It is disappointing but not surprising. It fits your mantra.
You are on record as acting President to have said –
1. Northerners must vote for you because you are one of them.
2. The North is tired of being Vice-Presidents.
Mr. President, do you know that as early as 1979, the geographical South (gS) voted for Hilla Limann from the gN when he contested Victor Owusu from the gS? You contested against a gS guy and you won when the total North’s vote was only 14.9%. Now, you see how ungrateful you are?

Mr. President, do you know that there are other ethno-regional groups in Ghana who have never had a Vice-President before? Let me tell you that these groups have contributed and continue to contribute far more to the economy of Ghana than the whole North. You need to know this truth.

Your supporters always turn a blind eye to these unstatesmanly statements from you who are being paid to govern the whole nation but are quick to attack less ominous statements from private citizens.

Your very dangerous strategy to convert the geographical North into a political North must be condemned by all right thinking Ghanaians, especially by those from the gN.

They have to dissociate themselves from this kind of politics.
Mr. President, you have broken the fundamental principle of morality – do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

The whole North would have been burned to ashes if after acting for Atta Mills, the Kingmakers instead of anointing you as the flagbearer brought in a Minister from Mills region to lead the party and keep you as the Vice. That is exactly what you have done to Mr. Narh. It is immoral.
Be not deceived for God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, the same he will reap.

You cannot break a natural principle and go free. If you sow ethno-regionalism, you will reap the fruits thereof.
If President Kuffour bypasses a Northern 1st Deputy and appoints an Akan 2nd Deputy, what do you think will happen in the North? The people of Mr. Narh will also pour profound profanity on Mr. Kuffour. Where are Mr. Narh’s people in this matter? We hate the truth in Ghana. A truth hating nation does not prosper.

Let me say this for the records. Akans form about 47% of our population, so I can live with 40-50% of senior officers being Akans. Census 2010 – North’s population 17% of total. Election 2012 – North’s vote 14.9% of total. I can live with 15-20% of senior officers being Northerners. But what do we see?

The vulgar entitlement and political correctness must stop. Somebody must say it and I, Nii Amu Darko, am saying that nobody in the gS is responsible for the poverty in the gN. It is good policy to bridge the gap but nobody anywhere is entitled to anything. The President must stop giving us the middle finger.

Mr. President, I know you are having a free ride because the largest opposition which should be on your neck 24/7 and ensure good governance is more interested in killing the ‘’lice’’ within and issuing never ending statements to clear one person of accusations of being violent. Hey Ghana Nie!

Mr. President, what has changed for the North? Only few elites living in Accra have become rich? The young girls are still coming to Accra as Kayayei. You have proven to be a failure and as a cover up, you keep doling out positions disproportionately to those from the North. We will save the North.

Mr. President, the least you could have done was to bring in an outsider and keep the status quo. To promote a junior deputy who is also a son of the North (like yourself) is unprecedented. Expect stiff opposition from men and women of conscience at the Bank.
Wise politicians from the North are alarmed at your skewed ethno-regional appointments and have prophesied your performance would banish the North from the Presidency for 100 years. They know the North is a demographic as well as an economic minority. You are abusing the goodwill of others.

Mr. President, your lack of proportionality is worse than bullets and may seriously disturb Ghana if not stopped. Even for you, this appointment is a new low in your ethno-regional politics. You still have a 2nd chance to correct the error. If you do not, be guaranteed this will be an election issue.

We are watching.



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