Jan 12 - 2017,The margin between President Nana Akufo-Addo and former president John Mahama in the 2016 elections now stands at 984,570 votes...." ..

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Source: citifmonline. com - A senior member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Professor Kwamena Ahwoi has pleaded with some of members of clergy in Accra to convince members of their congregation to vote for President John Mahama.
Speaking at a meeting with the clergy in Accra, Prof. Ahwoi said “we beg you as we meet with you today [Wednesday], we are not hiding the fact that we are asking you to talk to your congregations to vote to for our president and our parliamentary candidates.” In Prof Ahwoi’s view, the NDC stands for peace, unity and nationhood; a message he said the clergy must convey to their congregants.

“The choice is very clear; it is between peace and violence. It is a choice between unity and division. It is a choice between nationhood and ethnicity. We beg you, listen to our message. Convey our message to your congregation.” Prof. Ahwoi also highlighted the NDC ability to adapt over the years from the revolutionary party it was to what it is in its current incarnation.

“We have rebranded ourselves. We have especially through Professor Mills, succeeded by President Mahama, completely turned the NDC around… the times have changed so the NDC has changed with it. The times have changed, our governance pattern has changed with the times.” 

Julius Debrah who was also at the meeting promised that the next NDC government will provide jobs for the teeming youth in the country as it has laid a solid foundation to propel the country’s economic growth to fuel job creation.

Mr. Debrah also assured that his party’s campaign will be “devoid of insults, unnecessary attacks and unwarranted insults”as he encouraged NDC supporters to “desist from activities that will lead to trouble, hooliganism and things like that.”



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