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Source: citifmonline. com - Assembly members at the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly have ordered its outgoing chief executive Ibrahim Baidoo, to revoke a contract he had solely entered into at the blind side of Assembly members or face their wrath.
The copy of the contract agreement, available to Citi News
According to the Assembly members, the Municipal Chief Executive on 15th September this year, entered into a contract with Atomz Solutions Limited, without the involvement of the mandated committees of the Assembly.

A copy of the contract agreement available to Citi News indicates that, the Assembly on 15th September 2016, entered into a property rate collection agreement with Atomz Solutions Limited where the latter is expected to collect some revenues for the Assembly.

But Assembly members at the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly believe the contract did not follow due process and was done illegally by the outgoing chief executive Ibrahim Baidoo, and for that matter must be revoked immediately.

“We wonder why the chief executive decided to enter into this agreement with the company without our knowledge. He did that alone which should not be the case,” some assembly members lamented.

According to the Assembly members, they “do not understand why he (the chief executive) could enter into such a legal binding agreement with a company in September 2016, without the knowledge of Assembly members and decide to hide the contract from us till this very last hour when he is exiting his office before he decides to bring it to our attention of the house for discussion. 

This raises doubts about this contract and we are going to make sure it is revoked. This cannot be happening in this 21st century. The people of Ashaiman deserve better and not these shady contracts” one assembly member charged.

When brought to the fore at the Assembly’s fifth ordinary meeting on Thursday 29th December, assembly members demanded the contract be revoked and be brought back for total scrutiny at the various committee levels at the Assembly.

“Hon presiding member, we would want this contract withdrawn so that it can go through the processes before any considerations whatsoever.”

The unhappy Assembly members in their presentations before the adjournment of the day’s meeting at the assembly, told the house “we assume there is no such contract before us until it duly goes through the processes as mandated by law in the award of contracts of this nature. So we expect the contract to go through the processes and be brought back to the general assembly for approval or otherwise.”

The Assembly members are also requesting the chief executive to make available full details of the Memorandum of Understanding of the contract to the house at their next assembly sitting.



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